Reese's Pieces (Case of 12 Boxes)
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Reese's Pieces (Case of 12 Boxes)

Happiness pieces, joy pellets, mouth-watering morsels, perfection bites, tasty bits, divine chunks, scrumptious shells or plain old Reese's Pieces; you can call them whatever you like, but the incredible Reese's flavour you know and love, remains the same. With original Reese's peanut butter chocolate encased in a crispy shell, they're the perfect treat for giving, sharing, and of course, hogging!

Divide among friends and family, give as rewards, eat during movie nights, or maybe even start an emergency stash (we're not ones for doomsday prepping, but when it comes to Reese's, we don't want to take the risk)!


  • Reese's Pieces (Case of 12 Boxes)
  • 12 boxes per case
  • Equivalent price: 99p per pack, RRP: £2.50
  • 113g per box
  • Is DELICIOUS a feature?

Product Code: 83369
Best Before: 07-Mar-2020  

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