Kelkay Real Gravel Company: Tweed Pebbles 20kg

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Brighten up your dull pathways, gloomy driveways and lifeless plant pots with these Tweed Pebbles from The Real Gravel Company. The chippings are made from organic materials leaving a natural impression on your garden. They also help deter weeds on beds and borders, promoting a healthier, cleaner garden. Create features such as alpines or rock gardens to complete the perfect outdoor look. 


  • Kelkay Real Gravel Company: Tweed Pebbles
  • Can be used on drives, patios or pathways
  • Use in alpines or rock gardens
  • Deters weeds in beds or borders
  • Plant topping and interior
  • Fish friendly- wash before use
  • Large pack- Approx. 20kg
  • Natural product that will vary in colour and size: 7-16mm
  • If purchasing 2 or more bags, ensure that contents are mixed together before laying 
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