Aqua Optima 30-Day Water Filter Cartridges (Pack of 3)
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Aqua Optima 30-Day Water Filter Cartridges (Pack of 3)

Do you want to be healthier and drink more water but are worried about the impurities in your tap water? Then look no further than the fantastic Aqua Optima 30-Day Water Filter Cartridges that will recreate purity in your home quickly and easily when used with Aqua Optima and Brita Maxtra filter jugs. 

Using a simple and unique 5-step filtration process, the system reduces high levels of impurities from tap water including chlorine, pesticides, limescale, lead, herbicides and heavy metals, whilst retaining essential minerals. Leaving you with clean, pure water for all the family, the filter jug will provide better tasting hot and cold drinks, improve the look and taste of cooked vegetables and is more economical than bottled water. Help the environment with the Aqua Optima 30-Day Water Filter Cartridges and obtain purer water fast!


  • Aqua Optima 30-Day Water Filter Cartridges (Pack of 3)
  • Unique 5-step water filtration system
  • Purer water fast
  • Each filter lasts up to 30 days
  • Compatible with Aqua Optima and Brita* Maxtra* (not Maxtra +*). *Brita, Maxtra & Maxtra+ are registered trademarks of BRITA GmbH
  • Removes high levels of impurities from tap water
  • Reduces levels of herbicides, pesticides, limescale, lead, heavy metals and chlorine
  • Better tasting hot and cold drinks
  • Improves look & taste of cooked vegetables
  • More economical than bottled water

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