Seasons Greetings Decoration Storage Box

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Fed up of searching for your Christmas decorations every year, only to find them broken or scratched? Well necessity is the mother of all invention. Store your beloved and irreplaceable Christmas ornaments safely and securely in one convenient place with this fantastic storage box. With four layers, you can safely store up to 64 decorations, while the side handles makes quick work of locating and retrieving them.

The box folds flat for storage when not in use, and is easy to assemble. Oh, and the inserts are removable, so you can fit it to suit your needs! Now, if only there was an untangling machine for the lights...

  • Seasons Greetings Decoration Storage Box 
  • Holds up to 64 decorations
  • Folds flat when not in use 
  • Side handles 
  • Lightweight
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