X-Tone Coral Pink Aerobic Dumbbells (2 x 0.5kg)

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The X-Tone Fitness Aerobic Dumbbells are ideal for strength and stamina training in your workout. Adding weights to your cardiovascular workout increases its intensity, and your strength! These durable weights have soft handles for comfort, while the adjustable strap is secure for your peace of mind. 

With a weight of 0.5 kg each, they're perfect for those looking to add resistance to their workout, and reap the toning benefits of strength and stamina training. ...Tip: they're amazing with shadow boxing!


  • X-Tone Coral Pink Aerobic Dumbbells (2 x 0.5kg)
  • Strengthening & Toning
  • Increases the intensity of a cardiovascular workout
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable velcro system
  • Ideal for resistance training and shadow boxing
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