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Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa

You can talk to Amazon Alexa on your Wireless Buddy Speaker. With Alexa, you can ask to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more. Alexa lives in the cloud, so it’s always getting smarter, adding new capabilities that are delivered to your device automatically. Using Alexa on your Wireless Buddy Speaker is simple and hands-free – just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly.

Just say "Alexa" and ask your question.

"Alexa, how's the weather today?"
Have everyday questions answered just by using your voice! It provides hands-free convenience and supports far-field voice recognition for easy use nearby, or across the room. Alexa updates through the cloud automatically and is continually learning, adding new functionality and skills. 

"Alexa, play some music."
Stream songs & podcasts from Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and more. You can also use the Bluetooth technology to play your favourite tunes or connect with the built-in aux jack for audio playback. With Vertical Audio Configuration, sound expands through 360°, filling the entire room.

Rechargeable battery
Take Alexa with you from room to room as the long life battery provides cordless use anywhere around your home. Your wish is her command. 

Room Filling Sound
The Vertical Audio Configuration lets sound expand through 360°, filling the entire room. Even when music is playing, you’ll be heard from across the room thanks to far-field microphone and voice processor detects sound in 360°, isolates and removes noise, then utilizes echo cancellation to hear your voice during loud music playback or voice prompts.

Bluetooth Speaker
You can also use the Buddy Speaker as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Stream music directly from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or computer to the speaker, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of sounds from your digital libraries. A 3.5mm auxiliary audio input is also provided so you can hook the Buddy Speaker up to any device with a 3.5mm audio connection.

Voice Control, or from your Phone
As well as controlling the Buddy Speaker using your voice with Alexa, you can also control the music from your phone or tablet. With Amazon Music you can use the Amazon Alexa App, and with Spotify you can use the Spotify App using Spotify Connect.


Things to try:

  • Ask Questions
  • "How many ounces are in a cup?"

  • "How tall is Mount Everest?"
  • "What's the capital of Azerbaijan?"
  • "What was Miley Cyrus's first album?"
  • "What is Matthew McConaughey's latest movie?"
  • "When is sunset today?"
  • Keep track of tasks
  • "Add 'bread' to my Shopping list."
  • "Put 'change oil' on my To-do list."
  • Play music, radio and Podcasts
  • "Play BBC Radio 2."
  • "Play U2 from the 80s."
  • "Play the Friday Night Comedy podcast."
  • "Shuffle Adele."
  • "Play 'Hold On, We're Going Home' by Drake."
  • "What's playing?"
  • "Turn up the volume."
  • "Stop the music."
  • "Play some music to help me sleep"
  • "Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes."
  • "Stop playing music in 30 minutes."
  • Get weather and travel information
  • "What’s traffic like right now?"
  • "Will it rain tomorrow?"
  • "What's the weather in Amesbury this weekend?"
  • Get sports updates
  • "What is the score of the Manchester United game?"
  • "When do the Everton play next?"
  • Set an alarm
  • "Wake me up at 6 in the morning."
  • "Set the alarm for 7:30 a.m."


  • Buddy Speaker featuring Amazon Alexa
  • Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based voice service
  • Play music, ask questions, check your the latest news, control compatible smart home devices, and more
  • Hands-free convenience and supports far-field voice recognition
  • Updates through the cloud automatically
  • Stream songs & podcasts from amazon music, Spotify, tunein, iHeartRadio, TIDAL and more
  • Vertical Audio Configuration lets sound expand through 360°, filling the entire room
  • Use the bluetooth technology or connect with the built-in aux jack for audio playback. 
  • Rechargeable battery provides cordless use anywhere around your home 
  • USB charging cable and 3.5mm auxiliary audio input

  • Wi-Fi internet connection needed
  • Phone or tablet with Android (2.3+) or iOS (7.0+) required to set-up device (Phone or tablet is not required to operate Buddy Speaker once set-up is complete)
  • Free Amazon account required in order to enable Alexa
  • An Amazon Music or Spotify subscription is required for streaming music from these services


Product Code: 07823

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