Prestige Lighting: Laser Projector Light

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Transform your home or event into a Winter Wonderland with the Prestige Lighting: Laser Projector Light! Watch as the compact waterproof projector shines thousands of red and green laser lights onto your home for a dazzling and colourful experience. Ground or wall mountable; it can work up to 1000ft away inside or outside your house, ceiling, trees, shrubbery and more to create colourful laser light decor. 

Suitable for year round use in all types of weather; the projector is great for holidays, garden parties, indoor parties - simply sit back and enjoy the view!

  • Prestige Lighting: Laser Projector Light
  • Install and decorate your home in minutes
  • Includes 4 Laser modes
  • 1000 Foot range
  • 10 Foot cord
  • Built-in timer - Auto On: 10hrs / Auto Off: 14hrs
  • All-weather, waterproof IP65
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Ground or wall mountable
  • Not for persons age 18 years or under
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