Webb Heritage Electric Lawnmower

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Spruce up your garden this Summer with this fantastically simple-but-brilliant Webb Heritage Electric Lawnmower! This lawn mower has a 1000W rating power, cutting width of 32cm and a whopping 23 litre collection box. Catering for all requirements, it also boasts an adjustable 3-point cutting height position between 25mm and 65mm, to ensure that whether you're maintaining a pristine lawn, or taming a mini-jungle, you'll always have the best machine for the job!

  • Webb Heritage Electric Lawnmower
  • 32cm Electric Lawnmower
  • Rating power: 1000W Electric Motor
  • Cutting width: 32cm
  • Adjustable cutting height: 25-65 mm
  • Long reach 10m power cord
  • 23L Collection capacity
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