Piura Vegan Protein Blend 500g

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Piura Vegan Protein Blend has been specially formulated to provide you maximum levels of protein from only natural, plant-based sources.

A mix of rice, pea and hemp, it blends the best of plant-based protein and is suitable for anyone following a vegan, vegetarian or planetary health diet. High in fibre, low in sugar, containing all 20 amino acids – including all 9 essential amino acids – and a good amount of BCAAs, it’s a perfect source of complete protein and will support your personal training and dietary needs – it’s a real, plant powered hero!

  • Piura Vegan Protein Blend 500g
  • Resealable for freshness
  • Organic soil association certified
  • 11.5g protein per 15g serving
  • Only 58kcals per 15g serving
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