DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Utility Belt

RRP £19.99
Saving: £15.00
Saving the world from the plans of super-villains isn't easy, especially when you have to rush home right afterward to study for a big test in Heronomics, but that's just a day in the life of a student at Super Hero High.

When Batgirl springs into action she brings intelligence, legendary detective skills, and crime fighting tech... lots of crime fighting tech... good thing she has her utility belt to keep all that tech right at her fingertips and ready for use in a moment's notice. Now you too can leap into the fray wearing your own version of the batgirl utility belt. It's the perfect accessory for a Super Hero like you.  


  • DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Utility Belt
  • Lights and sounds
  • Hidden compartment
  • Secret message decoder
  • 3 mini Batarangs
  • Dolls sold separately
  • 6+ Years

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