This magical mini-factory allows you to melt, wrap and stamp your own chocolate-filled, golden coins and medals. Choose from 12 designs to create unique chocolate coins that are perfect for giving as gifts or for treating yourself! You can also create your own personalised designs, using the tools supplied, before wrapping coins and medals in golden foil.

The Coin Makers work with any chocolate buttons and foil, allowing you to replace components and keep your production line moving!

  • Golden Coin Maker
  • Melt, wrap and stamp your own golden coins
  • Chocolate melter included
  • Use any leading brand of chocolate buttons (chocolate not included)
  • Golden net bags and golden foil
  • Coin and medal melting bases and rings
  • Spreading and scribing tool for personalising your designs
  • 6 Embossing discs
  • For ages 6+
Product Code: 23884