Crate Creatures Surprise Bashers make gross sounds when you pull their tongues, launch them through the air, and bash them into targets! Break into the crate to unbox your Basher and reveal their target. These cranky creatures come ready to fling at the scoreboard, unleashing beastly noises as they hurtle through the air.

Pull your Basher’s tongue and pull back their body to launch them like a rubber band! Shoot for the highest score, crashing, bashing and smashing your Crate Creatures for more monstrous noises and sounds. Compete with your friends to hit the centre of the target, racking up points as you play. With 12 monstrous characters to collect, Crate Creatures Surprise Bashers are beastly good fun. These creatures can’t wait to break out of the crate! 

  • Crate Creatures Surprise! Bashers
  • One supplied (selected at random)
  • For ages 4+
Product Code: 24701