Polly Pocket and her pals love going on adventures with Polly’s magic locket. Open up the Hidden Places Beach Vibes Backpack Playset for awesome, mini seaside play! Polly and Shani can chill in beach house, soak up some sun on the golden sand, or go for adventures in the included speed boat. There’s loads of secret reveals in this playset, as well as a spinning tiki pole that makes Polly or Shani dance. They’re going to have so much fun! All the accessories and the two dolls easily fit into the Backpack Playset, so you can take it with you for Beach Vibes everywhere and anywhere.

  • Polly Pocket Fashion Change Photo Booth
  • Hit the waves with the boat that is included and fits both dolls
  • Includes: Submarine to place Polly in, twirling tiki pole that lets Polly doll dance, pool and ice chest that open
  • Includes Polly and Shai dolls, beach & food accessories
  • 4+ Years
Product Code: 22384