Do you enjoy the creative and meditative craft of painting rocks? Do you want to cultivate positively both within yourself and within others? Well now is your chance to 'paint it forward' with this positively fantastic kit!

Rocks painted with bright art and positive messages are spreading joy everywhere. The kindness movement- paying it forward, the power of positive thinking and the importance of gratitude- is connecting people worldwide, teaching compassion and positivity and sparking happiness. Join author and extraordinary rock artist Katie Cameron as she guides you through the process of making 12 different designs, providing expert tips and tricks that will allow you to hand-letter, dot, and paint like a pro. 

  • Paint Your Own Positivity Rocks
  • 'Paint it forward' with this positively fantastic kit!
  • Complete starter kit
  • Includes 4 large river stones, 3 acrylic paints, 1 fine paintbrush, 1 dotting tool, 5 gel pens, 1 permanent marker & 48 page instructional booklet

Product Code: 07489