Battle Bites: Cookies & Cream Flavour (Case of 12 Packs)

RRP £27.48
Saving: £13.20
Best Before: 18-Dec-2020
Battle Bites took an American classic to a whole new level of amazingness. This flavour is loaded with the most euphoric blend of cookies & cream flavour, layered with caramel, with crunchy cookie crispies in the middle and chocolate coated crispies on top. Each Battle Bite is enrobed in low sugar milk chocolate and packs 20g of protein to boost.

Battle Bites are high protein, low sugar, guilt free triple layered indulgent chocolate snack. The convenient way to consume additional protein throughout the day without adding unwanted sugar.


  • Battle Bites: Cookies & Cream Flavour (Case of 12 Packs)
  • Equivalent price: £1.19 per pack, RRP: £2.29 per pack
  • 2 pieces per pack
  • 20g protein per pack
  • Less than 3g sugar per pack
  • 113.5 calories per piece
Product Code: 31406