Mass Gainer is a high calorie protein formula that has been designed for those who find it a struggle to add mass through their normal nutritional and training routine. Built specifically to pack in as many calories as possible in to a great tasting and easy to use shake; this advanced formulation provides a dense source of fast acting protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Packed full to the brim of nutrients, this mass gainer supplement is designed to bring your diet and training to a higher level. With scientific research proving that protein aids in supporting maintenance and growth of muscle mass, this unique formulation can be used as and when you feel the need to add some extra calories to your daily intake.

  • Protein Dynamix Mass Gainer Protein Formula 2kg (Strawberry Milkshake Flavour)
  • High calorie protein formula
  • 29g protein per 125g serving
  • 484kcal per 125g serving
  • Helps build muscle mass
  • With added digestive enzymes
  • Nutritional Information:

    Typical Value                Per 100g          Per 125g serving
    Energy (kJ)                   1653               2066
    Energy (kcal)                 387                484
    Protein (g)                     23                  29
    Fat (g)                          5.0                 6.3
      (Saturates)                 3.7                 4.6
    Carbohydrate (g)          63.9               79.9
    Of which sugars            18.9               23.6
    Fibre (g)                       0.6                 0.8
    Salt (g)                        0.62               0.78
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