BSN Mass Gainer Shake: Chocolate Flavour (1.7kg)

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To pack on size, you need hard, consistent training, and a balanced diet, combined with the right supplementation. Determination will push you so far, but a weight gainer will help convert that effort into muscle mass.

Adding size is about more than bulking up at any cost. You need protein to support muscle growth and repair, and a high hit of quality calories to give you a positive energy balance between what you burn and what you need for maximum physique gains. Reach for a nutrient-dense formula that goes all out to fuel your muscle-building needs. It certainly doesn't hurt to have one as great tasting as this!

Nutritional Information:

Typical Value               Per 100g         Per 85g serving
Energy (kJ)                 1772                1506
Energy (kcal)              423                  360
Protein (g)                  30                   26 
Fat (g)                       11                    9.5
  (Saturates)              3.4                   2.9
Carbohydrate (g)        48                   41
Of which sugars          8.1                  6.9
Salt (g)                     0.52                 0.44


  • BSN Mass Gainer Shake: Chocolate Flavour (1.7kg)
  • Protein and carbohydrate mix
  • Helps gain weight and muscle 
  • Supports muscle growth and repair
  • Recovery formula
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