Strap on your tinfoil hat and block the other players from reading your thoughts and stealing your points! This is a game about reading minds and stealing clues.

Split into teams of two and choose a team to go first. One player will be the Writer for the round, the other will be the Guesser. The Writer straps on the tin foil hat while the Guesser closes their eyes. Turn over a card and roll the dice to reveal the secret word. Every player now knows the secret word – except for the Guesser. The Writer scribbles down three one-word clues to help their teammate figure out what the secret word is.

Meanwhile, the other teams must try to read the Writer’s mind. They’ll try and predict what clue-words she’ll write down, before writing three words of their own. When everyone’s ready, the Writer reads out their three words to the Guesser. The Guesser gets one attempt at guessing the secret word. If she’s correct, her team scores two points. If incorrect, all the other teams score two points instead. The other teams also score a point for every word they successfully predicted. Pass on the tin foil hat to the next team, count up your points and move your piece around the board.

First team to the finish, wins!

  • Head Hackers Game
  • A game about reading minds and stealing clues
  • Brainwave blocking tin foil hat inside
  • Contains 200 cards, 6 game pieces, 1 board, 1 tinfoil hat and 1 die
  • 4-12 players
  • 10+ Years

Product Code: 28490