Lenor Unstoppables Winter Glow Scent Booster 264g

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Lenor Unstoppables is an in-wash scent booster which keeps going where current freshness fades, letting you experience up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness (in storage). That's because Lenor Unstoppables contain 9x more perfume than fabric conditioner and goes in at the beginning of the wash so more scent infuses into the fabric slowly over time. 

We're not sure how they managed it, but Lenor have actually managed to capture a seemingly intangible scent - the glow of winter. With a warming yet fresh vanilla fragrance, there's something incredibly comforting about this scent. Like thick jumpers, fresh sheets, cuddles and cosy evenings at home. ...So if anyone at Lenor would like to make us their official scent describers, that was our pitch. Call us!


  • Lenor Unstoppables Winter Glow Scent Booster 264g
  • Limited edition scent
  • In-wash Scent Booster
  • Freshness from wash to wear
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