Nestlings Interactive Pet

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Care, love and adore your Nestling until her tiny babies arrive! Respond to her needs if she is sick, tired or just needs a hug and play with her all day long keeping her happy and content. You'll be rewarded with the magical moment when her little ones enter the world and you have a whole family of Nestlings to play games, blow kisses and sing songs with.

Interact and play – your Nestling's big, colourful eyes will change colour to show you exactly how she feels whether it be hunger or a cuddle. She'll even chatter away and speak to you in her own special language. Watch the new family get to know each other as your Nestling interacts with her new little ones! Hold them to her nose and you'll hear her blow kisses and say how much she loves them. Play again and again – the baby Nestlings can simply be reloaded back into the Nestling and the process can start over.

  • Nestlings Interactive Pet
  • Care for your Nestling and her 2 surprise babies
  • Watch her eyes and heart light up as she talks to you
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • 5+ Years
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