Status: Replacement Car Bulb Kit

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Don't get caught out on the road if a bulb breaks! This Status: Replacement Car Bulb Kit helps you to be prepared when an emergency strikes. It is illegal to drive with a failed or malfunctioning bulb. To stay safe and avoid fines, carry a spare bulb kit in the car to replace any failed bulbs when you need to. This handy kit comes in a protective case to keep the bulbs in good condition until needed.

  • Status: Replacement Car Bulb Kit
  • Replacement bulbs and fuses to suit most vehicles
  • Essential for motoring abroad
  • Contains: 5, 10 & 15 Amp colour coded blade fuses
  • Bulb types: 477(H7), 472(H4), 448(H1), 382(P21W)
  • 380(P21/5W), 207(R5W), 501(W5W) 
  • Consult your drivers manual for instructions on how to replace the bulb or fuse in your vehicle
  • Check the compatibility before attempting to replace
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