Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies: Magic Carpet Adventure

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Wishes come true with this Teenie Genies playset, featuring all of the magic and adventure of Shimmer and Shine’s genie world! Little genies can take their Teenie Genies on a magical carpet ride, flying and zooming through Zahramay Falls! Shimmer and Shine can fly down from their palace and then land on the magical cloud track! As the carpet moves across the track it will hover and float like a real magic carpet! The playset also features a simple switch to allow kids to choose their path, either sending Shimmer and Shine down the slide and through the archway, or high above the clouds on an enchanted gondola ride! There are even more special surprises to delight your little genie and inspire hours of imaginative play, including a spinning carousel, a seesaw and a twin swing for Teenie Genies! The playset comes with two magic floating carpets and two exclusive figures—Friends Divine Shimmer and Friends Divine Shine.


  • Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies: Magic Carpet Adventure
  • Two exclusive genies included
  • Floating carpets
  • For ages 3+
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