They Shall Not Grow Old DVD

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Peter Jackson has created an incredible new film using original footage from Imperial War Museums’ extensive archive, much of it previously unseen, alongside BBC and IWM interviews with servicemen who fought in the conflict. Footage has been colourised and transformed with modern production techniques to present never before seen detail.

A ‘visual and emotional achievement - a groundbreaking resurrection - that resonates.’ - The Times

‘As an act of popular history, They Shall Not Grow Old is outstanding.’ - The Guardian

‘Enthralling, moving and utterly electrifying.’ Daily Mail This film ‘brings a modern audience closer to those battlefields, and sacrifice, than perhaps any film before it.’ - The Daily Telegraph


  • They Shall Not Grow Old DVD
  • Never before seen footage 
  • Approx run time: 95 mins
  • Cert. 15

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