Inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, the Barbie travel doll lets young imaginations explore the world and dream of all the places they can go... and all that they can be! Travel Barbie doll has lots of cute accessories to help kids travel the world. Some have handles the doll can hold for role-play fun! Pack and unpack the pink suitcase... it really opens and closes, has a collapsible handle and can be decorated with stickers from the included sheet! Use the small bag to store toiletries, like the toothbrush and toothpaste. Make traveling twice as fun with a friend to share the experience... and the photo ops!

  • Barbie Travel Doll
  • Barbie Travel-Themed Dolls and Toys Helps Imaginations Take Off!
  • 10+ Accessories Are a Ticket to Fun
  • Working Luggage Packs Fun Into Playtime
  • Puppy Pal Expands the Fun!
  • 3+ Years
Product Code: 36225