Cadbury Brunch Bars: Peanut (Case of 36 Bars)

RRP £11.94
Saving: £6.00
Best Before: 16-Apr-2020
For ladies (and gentlemen) who brunch, it can be difficult to squeeze in a delicious mid-morning snack when you're constantly on the go. That's why our lovely friends at Cadbury have put together this delicious combination of oat flakes, bran flakes, crispies and peanuts, with a drizzle of honey and dipped in just the right amount of Cadbury Milk Chocolate. ...Not just for brunch, but an ideal snack at any time, whether it be "linner" or "dupper" (we think they'll catch on)!


  • Cadbury Brunch Bars: Peanut (Case of 36 Bars)
  • 6 bars in each box (6 boxes provided)
  • Equivalent price: 99p per case of 6, RRP: £1.99
Product Code: 35980