T-Zone Nose Pore Strips (Case of 6 Boxes)

RRP £25.74
Saving: £16.80
It's better to prevent spots rather than having to treat them. T-Zone products contain natural anti-bacterial ingredients, which are scientifically proven to be tough on spots, but gentle on skin. 

Not just for removing unsightly blackheads, but also helping to remove spot causing bacteria, unclogging pores to ensure that they breathe easier, and they're even specifically shaped for use over the bridge of the nose! Wow. ...Whether getting ready for a blind date, preparing for an amazing party, or simply looking to improve your overall complexion and skin health, if you want a case of these, you're going to need to get in line behind us!

  • T-Zone Nose Pore Stripes (Case of 6 Boxes)
  • Equivalent price: £1.49 per box, RRP: £4.29
  • 36 Strips in total
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Grabs and removes blackheads
  • Helps pores breathe
  • Specifically designed for bridge of nose usage
Product Code: 80097