The Simpsons Christmas 2 DVD
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The Simpsons Christmas 2 DVD

Jingle bells, Homer smells, Simpsons all the way!

Homer vs. Dignity 
To make money, Homer lets Mr. Burns hire him to perform increasingly degrading acts. Finally, Homer is forced to choose between wealth and self-respect when Burns orders him to spoil a holiday parade

Skinner's Sense of Snow
A freak blizzard traps the students of Springfield Elementary inside their school. Their lives at stake, they are at  the mercy of the rescue efforts of a woozy Homer and Ned.

Dude, Where's My Ranch?
Homer's attempt to write a Christmas carol turns into an anti-Flanders ballad that goes to the top of the charts. To escape it, the family heads to a dude ranch, where Homer battlers beavers and Lisa falls in love.

'Tis the 15th Season
Homer spends his entire Christmas bonus on an extravagant gift for himself. But when he watches "Mr. McGrew's Christmas Carol" on TV, he sees the error of his ways. He becomes the nicest guy in town, leading to a battle of good vs. goody-good with Ned Flanders.

Special Guest Stars: David Byrne, Leeza Gibbons, Joe Montegna, Andy Serkis, Jonathan Taylor-Thomas and Marcia Wallace.


  • The Simpsons Christmas 2 DVD
  • Multi-angle animation
  • Animatic footage for Act I of "'Tis the Fifteenth Season"
  • Approx run time: 85 mins
  • Cert. PG

Product Code: 82791

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