Retro Plastic Popcorn Holders (Case of 48)

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Roll up, roll up! These fantastic plastic pop corn holders have arrived to add the perfect finishing touch to movie nights, parties and even as retro room accessories! You'll feel as though you're in an old-school movie theatre as you feast on tasty treats while watching a film, or celebrating with family and friends.

Whether creating your own funky popcorn flavours, or simply emptying a bag of pre-popped corn at the end of a long week, it's a super-fun and convenient way to maximise the fun, while ensuring that everyone has the same amount (because we all know that person who always hogs the popcorn!).

  • Retro Plastic Popcorn Holders (Case of 48)
  • Equivalent price: 79p per holder
  • Approx height per holder: 19.5cm
  • Reusable
  • Can be used for decoration
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